Incase You Need A Reason to Ride….

motorcycle-riderThe truth is no one actually HAS to ride a motorcycle, the millions of people, both men and women who do, do it for different reasons. Most commonly for the sheer thrill of the ride, to feel that wind in your hair and to live on the edge maybe just a little. For those of you who either are looking to find a good reason to take up motorcycle riding or to justify the purchase of that sweet new bike, look no further.  We have 7 reasons why you SHOULD definitely ride a motorcycle.


7 Reasons You Should Ride

  1. Just For The Thrill…. Of course this is number one on our list because like we mentioned above the thrill is what captures most people.  I mean think about it cruising down a long stretch of highway, you and your bike are one. You are in complete control of this 2 wheeled machine and the danger that is tied in to motorcycle riding adds some spontaneity to that thrill making it that much bigger.
  2. Savings At The Pump…. Let’s be honest in today’s world with gas prices at an all time high, global warming and all of the concern about pollution in general who doesn’t want to drive or shall we say ride something that is incredibly fuel efficient!  We are talking major savings at the pump, which means less is taken from our pocketbooks all while contributing less air pollution to our dwindling environment.
  3. Part Of a Group…. Ok if we are motorcycle riders are honest feeling connected and a part of a reasons-to-ridegroup, a cool group at that, feels pretty amazing.  What are we talking about exactly? There is an unspoken connection among motorcycle riders that makes you feel like you joined the cool kids club.  Add that to the group of riders you actually ride with and you pretty much feel like a small team.
  4. The Freedom….this kind of goes with the thrill aspect but really it’s just that, riding a motorcycle makes you feel free. The act of getting on your bike with the outside world swirling around you, hitting the open rode and all that fresh air….man there is just no other feeling that comes close to that invincible sense of freedom you feel! AMAZING
  5. Traffic & Parking Ease…..Whether you are commuting amongst a ton of traffice or trying to find parking in an overcrowded parking lot, riding on a motorcycle or parking one for that matter is sooo much easier than that of a regular vehicle.  With dedicated lanes for motorcyclists and the ability to weave among traffic(carefully and law abiding of course!) coupled with the extra easily accessible parking spaces dedicated to motorcycles your commute just got A LOT easier and quicker.
  6. Your Own Style…. While riding a bike does make you feel part of a group, let’s face it you get to express yourself as well. From the bike you choose to the biking attire you wear it’s all about your own individual style and no one is there to judge! In fact even the suit wearing corporate leaders who get on their bike on the weekends feel a sense of being able to completely be themselves! I guess this part adds to the freedom of motorcycle riding too!
  7. They Are Just Cool….. Ok we admit it, motorcycles are just down right cool!  From the sex appeal that they are presumed to exude, to the fact that the hot movie hunk usually rides a motorcycle (at least in James Dean Days) to the swagger that bike riders have and the air of mystery they carry, motorcycle riding is just plain COOL!

motorcycle-purchaseWhile we feel that these are definitely good reasons to either ride or finally buy that bike you have been eyeing the fact is you don’t really need a reason. If a motorcycle is calling to you or you simply just love riding any reason is pretty much a good reason to buy or ride a motorcycle.