Interesting Motorcycle Facts & Info

motorcycle-factsWe usually like to write posts about useful motorcycle tips, safety guidelines, maintenance and the like, however, we thought we would have a little fun with our readers and share some fun and interesting motorcycle facts! Little tidbits of interesting info that all you motorcycle enthusiasts may not have known but now you know!

Fun & Interesting Motorcycle Facts

  • The world’s biggest motorcycle was built in 2015 in India,by Bharat Sinh Parmar and measured 86ft and 3in long!  Now that’s a BIG bike
  • In 2006 a North Carolina Man buried his motorcycle on his property and claimed it was stolen.  His loan was paid off and he was also compensated for the stolen bike. In 2012 the new owner of the property found it while doingmotorcycle-stuntswork on his new land!
  • Yamaha one of the top selling motorcycle brands started by producing pianos and other musical instruments.  To this day they still manufacture instruments but now also make motorcycles, golf carts, boats and a list of other well sought after items.
  • In the movie The Great Escape, Steve Mcqueen’s 65 ft motorcycle jump was really done by his stunt double Bud Ekins. What’s really crasy is that Bud did the jump in just ONE try!
  • Motorcyclist in Indiana only have to treat a red stop light like a stop sign.  If They pause at the light for the required 120 seconds they can proceed through with caution and NO ticket!
  • Like Yamaha, Kawasaki not only manufactures motorcycles but also watercraft too such a jet ski
  • Motorcycle theft has been found to be the highest in July, August & September
  • In 2011 it was found that in the state of California the most commonly stolen harley-davidsonmotorcycle was made by Honda.  Aren’t cars made by Honda an easy steal too???
  • 346 ft is the longest motorcycle jump ever recorded throughout history.  The record was set by Robbie Maddison who is from Melbourne, Australia
  • Harley Davidson is the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the U.S.  I think we all might have known this fact!

While there are so many cool and interesting facts to find about motorcycles and all things that pertain to them these are some of our favorite facts. We hope you enjoyed them too!