Motorcycle Safety!


Riding a motorcycle down a long stretch of highway, wind in your hair the feel of the the throttle beneath your hand and the general thrill that comes from cruising on this incredible machine all makes motorcycle riding so great.  For those of you bikers out there you know exactly what I’m talking about.  For those just starting out their motorcycle journey this may be what entices you in the first place! However, with motorcycle riding comes safety guidelines that all riders should embrace and take seriously.  Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous and while some are addicted to the thrill of that danger, safety precautions can be the difference between life and death.

What To Know About Motorcycle Safety

  • motorcycle-helmetALWAYS Wear A Helmet- Not only should you wear a helmet but one with a safety shield for your face as well as protective eyewear should be worn too. Helmets are the best way to protect yourself and any passengers against severe and sometimes deadly head injuries.  In fact riders who do not wear a helmet are 5X more likely to suffer a serious head injury.
  • Protective Gear- Not only do helmets protect you against severe injuries, wearing protective gear can help protect your entire body! Should you skid or have some kind of accident protective gear especially that made of leather can help protect your body against rode rash and and other scrapes.  Adding reflective material or tape to your gear also helps other drivers to better see you.motorcycle-safety-gear
  • Obey Traffic Rules- We have traffic rules and speed limits for a reason. Obeying these rules will help to ensure your safety while out on the road. When you are at high speed on a motorcycle or any motorized vehicle it takes a longer time to come to a complete stop.  Should you have to break suddenly following the speed limit will help to prepare you a bit more.  Sam goes for using your signals!
  • Defensive Driving- There are probably a lot more cars and trucks on the road compared to the number of motorcycle riders. Practicing defensive driving will help to ensure your safety. Stay out of other drivers blind spots, drive with your headlights on at all times, Stay in the line of site of others especially big trucks so that they are aware you are sharing the road.
  • motorcycle-safetyDo Not Ride Intoxicated- You should never mix alcohol with rising a motorcycle. The two DO NOT mix EVER! Same goes for being overly tired or under the influence of mind altering medications. You want to ALWAYS be fully alert when deciding to take  a ride on your motorcycle.
  • Educate Yourself- All riders should take a motorcycle safety and/or operating course before acquiring your motorcycle license. Formal training can help all riders and inform them of safety precautions and operating techniques they may otherwise have not known.  Brushing up on your training every so often can also help you stay informed and riding at optimal safety levels.
  • Inspect Your Bike Regularly- It is always good to do an overall inspection every so often or before you take your bike out for a ride. Check the tires, fluids, signals/lights, undercarriage, clutch/throttle, mirrors, brakes, horn, and chain. This allows you to spot problems or safety concerns before you are out for a ride

When it comes to motorcycle riding it is always best to air on the side of caution.  Although the thrill is amazing you want to be able to continue riding your bike for many years to come, as well as help to keep your passengers safe at all times.