Paint Protection Film For Your Motorcycle

paint-protectionYou may have read one of our previous articles on vinyl wrapping your motorcycle over that of a traditional paint job. While we strongly agree with the perks and benefits, not to mention creativity that can be found with vinyl wrapping your bike, we are also quite big fans of paint protection film! What exactly is paint protection film? Basically it is a clear coat or rather film that is applied to the surface of your motorcycle that bonds to the paint to add gloss, shine and a protective barrier against environmental elements, contaminants, UV rays, rain and dirt. Not quite sure if you should have some type of paint protection film or PPF applied to your cycle?  Check out our list of things you need to know before having paint protection film installed on your bike.


What You Need To Know About Paint Protection Films


  • Quality- Quality is always important with any investment or purchase you make. Paint protection film is no different. Experts with #201wrap say that the quality of PPF you choose to have installed on your bike makes ALL the difference. The higher the quality of protection film you use the better the protection and the longer it will last.  While better quality may be a bit pricier than the cheaper options available on the market in the long run the better product will pay off.
  • Installation- A lot of people turn to the do it yourself kits because of the money that can be savedpaint-protection-film and because in general installing the film yourself is not that difficult and can be done. What you need to be aware of especially with motorcycles is that motorcycles have a lot smaller parts that need to be wrapped with a lot more contours and shaping that needs to be taken into consideration. Professional installers have a lot more tools that can be used in making the installation process a lot simpler and blemish free.
  • Preparation- This aspect is just as important if not more so than the quality of the PPF. The way your bike is prepped will determine how well the protection film adheres to your bike, how good it looks and how long it will last. Whether you are doing it yourself or having the film installed professionally make sure that the prep is done right!
  • After Care- When all is said and done the after care you instill on your bike will also determine how well and how long your paint protection film lasts. While the film is strong and meant to withstand road debris and harsh elements it still needs to be cared for correctly in order for it to maintain it’s best condition
  • Shop Around- The experts at #201wrap also suggest that you shop around in your area should you be choosing to go with a professional installation and purchase. Knowing the competitive prices and the products that different shops use can help you to find the best deal and best quality materials. Same goes for if you choose to go with a DIY kit. Do your research on what the best kits available are and that are easiest to use.

If you are unsure whether a paint protection film is right for your bike we suggest along with #201wrap experts that you schedule a consultation with a professional vinyl wrap company near you. An experienced vinyl wrap technician can answer your questions as well as provide you with price quotes for your bike.