The Benefits Of Vinyl Wrapping Your Bike!

motorcycle-vinyl-wrapYou have bought your dream bike, body style, engine, and all the bells and whistles you wanted, the only thing left to do is customize the finish and paint job you envision. Or perhaps you have just purchased a used bike and are ready to customize the body and paint so that it fits the ideal bike you had in mind.  Whatever the case you are now left with your decision of whether to traditionally paint the bike or have it vinyl wrapped. Yep, you heard right, vinyl wrapping isn’t just for automobiles and company fleets. In fact more and more motorcycle riders are choosing to wrap their bike versus having a traditional paint job applied.  Why? The benefits, cost and protection associated with a vehicle vinyl wrap are so much better than that of a regular paint job. Dan, a friend of mine, who owns Phoenix Auto Wrap, provided me with ALL of the inside info as to why vinyl wraps are a better choice, and if taken care of correctly last longer and offer more protection than an average paint job. We listened to what these experts had to say and are sold on vinyl wrapping your bike! Check out what we found out and you most likely will be too!

Benefits Of Vinyl Wrapping Your Motorcycle


  • What Exactly is Vinyl Wrapping- Although vinyl wrapping has been around for some time now, in recent years it’s just started to gain more popularity and exposure.  Vinyl wrapping basically consist of using high quality materials to create large adhesive sheets that can be applied to your motorcycle or vehicle to change the color, appearance, and finish.  They are 100% removable and do not harm or alter the original paint job that is still in tact underneath.
  • How Long Do Vinyl Wraps Last?- It all depends on how well you take care of your vinyl-wrapped-bike bike.  This means how you store it, clean it, and drive it. The longevity also depends on the quality of materials used and if you had a certified professional install the wrap.  Generally with high quality materials, good bike care, and professional installation a wrap can last anywhere between 4-5 years! Remember it doesn’t alter your bikes original paint either!
  • How Long Do Vinyl Wraps Take To Apply?- This adds to the benefit of a vinyl wrap vs. traditional paint job. Vinyl wraps basically cut the time in half compared to regular paint which means you are back on your bike and riding A LOT sooner.  Traditional paint jobs can take up to 2 weeks, whereas a vinyl wrap takes 2-3 days.
  • Paint Protection- Because vinyl wraps are a film like adhesive they are actually easier to clean using just soap and water and protect the body of your bike.  Nicks and scratches from riding on the open rode are inevitable because of small debris and other factors. A vinyl wrap not only protects the original paint job it also protects the body of your bike from scratches and other wear and tear, etc.  
  • Less Of A Commitment- So you really like that chrome look on vehicles you have been customized-motorcycleseeing lately and decide to wrap your bike in red chrome.  Looks great and you love it all for about a year. With a traditional paint job there is no going back to the original color once the paint job is done unless you have it repainted which lets be real, can be quite expensive especially only after a year.  With a vinyl wrap if you get over the look you once desired you can simply have it removed and rock that original paint job or have it wrapped again for ⅓ of the cost of a traditional paint job. 

In the end it is entirely up to the motorcycle owner which paint job route he/she wants to take.  However, having done a little research ourselves on vinyl wraps we can’t really find the disadvantages to them at all.  Check out a PROFESSIONAL vinyl wrap installer near you, ask questions, get a feel for their wraps and compare prices, you may just find that vinyl wrapping your bike is the next best decision you made after purchaisng it!